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Welcome to the community!
Welcome to Just Been Tested(JBT)!

This is a fun, free social networking service designed to encourage like-minded people to get tested for sexual transmitted infections and interact with others that aim to be sexually responsible.  JBT wants to reward you for knowing your STI status and adding to the dialogue about sex, relationships and overall sexual health.  Join a network and community that understands the importance of sexual responsibility and isn’t afraid to show it!


What is Just Been Tested?

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09/24/2014 01:53:41 PM
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09/24/2014 01:48:14 PM
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07/30/2014 10:47:05 AM
07/30/2014 10:43:20 AM
07/30/2014 10:37:15 AM
07/09/2014 10:57:19 AM
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07/09/2014 10:47:47 AM
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07/09/2014 10:43:06 AM
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