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Welcome to Just Been Tested(JBT)!

This is a fun, free social networking service designed to encourage like-minded people to get tested for sexual transmitted infections and interact with others that aim to be sexually responsible.  JBT wants to reward you for knowing your STI status and adding to the dialogue about sex, relationships and overall sexual health.  Join a network and community that understands the importance of sexual responsibility and isn’t afraid to show it!


What is Just Been Tested?

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04/08/2014 12:11:48 PM
This is an interesting read about the issues and work arounds for Friends With Benefits.  Normally, it never works out, but there are exceptions t...
04/08/2014 11:58:23 AM
We hate worldstar, but this content is relevant.  Over cocky boxer Adrien Bronner talks about his run in with crabs.   Link  
04/03/2014 09:05:46 AM
What's Your Porn Policy? Do you consider watching porn a form of cheating? How about as another type of sex educational outlet? Can it be both? O...
03/26/2014 04:27:22 PM
03/26/2014 04:25:19 PM
03/07/2014 10:56:09 AM
Can you believe this?  Article. These people surveyed can't be serious.  
02/27/2014 10:30:36 AM
Take a look at this article about a senior in high school who may never hug someone again on school grounds.    
02/27/2014 09:54:27 AM
Selfies are getting out of control.  Everyone is taking them and taking them in the worst places.  What do you think?   "While they found that w...
02/19/2014 03:05:41 PM
Yea, these are all just rumors for right now, but your favorite singer, Justin Bieber may be spreading infections. Just what the rumors are, you d...
02/19/2014 02:44:03 PM
Because you guys could make it simple and won't let that happen, you create the drama.   JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION, and move on.
02/18/2014 08:23:08 PM
Valentine's Day is much like every other holiday.  It is an excuse to appreciate the people you normally take for granted, to make time for the pe...
02/18/2014 08:14:35 PM
My significant other took a long time to join the social media era.  I have to admit that part of me was kind of happy because I have extreme stal...
02/18/2014 08:04:22 PM
Good for them!  Glad to see women standing together for something they believe in!
02/08/2014 10:39:34 AM
A lot of relationship advice is pointless or generic.  This is some of the better advice I have seen.  "Men give love in order to have sex"  Kinda...
02/04/2014 12:26:07 PM
Came across this article and curious as to how people handle the question, "How many people have you slept with?"  Normally, not an easy convo.  M...
01/21/2014 10:18:30 PM
Young, Handsome, HIV Positive: College Student Infected Dozens and Filmed Them
01/05/2014 02:47:32 PM
I am trying so hard not to laugh at this because I don't want to encourage stereotypes -- especially gender specific stereotypes...   HOWEVER, I h...
01/03/2014 03:50:17 PM
I totally agree with you Lady T that an ex doesn't even have to be a part of the conversation at all! It's also very important to recognize that, ...
12/21/2013 02:33:45 PM
You not getting it in like aint doing it right.   Check the video  
12/18/2013 08:09:20 PM
LMAO this commercial is just TOO much for regular TV.. I don't think anything is wrong with is, but its not just a regular advertisement you could...
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